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The conference will feature three plenaries, concurrent symposia and poster sessions selected by the Program Committee from submitted abstracts.


  • Plants’ Interactions with Pathogenic and Beneficial Microbes

  • Plants' Resilience to a Changing Climate

  • Plants’ Contribution to Ecosystems Health and Climate Change Mitigation

Concurrent Symposia:

  • Specialized Metabolism & Metabolic Engineering

  • Plant Biofactories - Protein Pharmaceuticals

  • Plant Biofactories - Organic Pharmaceuticals

  • Enzymes & Proteins

  • Genomes & Epigenomes

  • Tools for Crop Improvement

  • Protein & Gene Regulatory Networks

  • Cell Biology

  • Growth & Development

  • Plant-Pathogen Interactions

  • Defense Hormones & Metabolites

  • Abiotic Stresses

  • Ecophysiology

  • Root Resilience

All abstract deadlines are at 11:00 PM EDT on the dates listed below.

April 23, 2023:

Final deadline to submit an abstract for talk consideration.

May 21, 2023:

Final deadline to submit an abstract for poster presentation.

Abstract Submission Details

  • The Committee invites abstracts (maximum 300 words) that report new scientific research developments in diverse areas of Plant Biology. Abstracts may not include graphics or tables.

  • You do not have to be a CSPB member to submit an abstract.

  • Edits can be made to abstract submissions through May 21, 2023.

  • All speakers and poster presenters must be registered to the conference.

  • Abstract submissions for an oral presentation and/or a poster use the same form. 

  • Poster dimensions not to exceed 100 cm wide and 120 cm high (portrait format)

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